Wednesday, November 09, 2011

T minus 1 week

So, it's 1 week until I am officially an unemployed bum.  Strangely, I am lacking almost all of the lifeforce-sucking anxiety and fear that usually accompanies such an event.  I have a few leads on the go and pretty good ideas for keeping us off the streets but nothing concrete.  Yet, I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

Most of my day today has been spent thinking of ways to get the new Call of Duty game on the cheap.

I don't really have a clue how all of this is going to work out in the end, but I know it is going to work out and we'll be ok, or better than ok actually, and I'm kind of excited to see how it all turns out.  It's like our very own exciting dramatic movie that's made by Disney so you know it's going to have a happy ending.

Except it can't be made by Disney because there has to be lots of steamy 'romance' scenes in this movie.  Rrraaarrr.

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