Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OMG, Who Let Him Near The Power Tools!

Yes, it's true, I am using power tools. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am quite possible the most useless human when it comes to anything "handy". I know how to fill the vehicles with gas, and I know how to replace the light bulbs. Other than that, I'm tragic. Here's the problem:

I refuse to accept my limitations, so any chance I get I will try to do it myself. Usually, it ends in damage and a half-assed finished product that needs to be fixed by a professional. But this time it's different, so far at least.

I am putting up a wall in our new house to create a playroom for the kids. So far, the wall is framed. Not much, but for me it's huge. And last night I took a trip into the world of electrical when I cut open the drywall and moved wall switches around. So, now I have moved the switches to their new happy homes and patched up the drywall around them.

Tonight, Jeremy and I will be putting up drywall and attempting the 'mudding and taping' of the new wall.

Generally, most of my past problems have come from trying to do a task without actually having the proper tools, so tonight I am renting the proper 'drywall screwdriver' and I think it's going to go well.

Even if it doesn't go well, there will be beer, and that's a good thing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It's Vicki's 28th birthday today! Woo Hoo!

Have a fantastic day, sweetheart, I love you soooooo much!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Richmond is Bad

I don't like going into Richmond. I just had to go there to get some paperwork for buying our house and again I realized, I do not like Richmond. The layout is a mess, it's got zero curb-appeal, and I ALWAYS get lost when I go there. Today's 30 min trip took 55 min, due simply to the suckage of Richmond.

I don't want to go there anymore.

Except maybe for the casino.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Couch Mission: It's All Good Baby

Just got authorization for putting the couch/loveseat in the new house. Just confirmed that Costco still has them. Just confirmed the cargo van pickup. I'm going to go pick it up at 1:30 and Jeremy will help me unload tonight.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Update: The Couch Mission

"Houston, we have a problem."

It was all going so well. I found a good deal on a cargo van and I had Jeremy lined up to help load/unload. The request to the current owners went in this morning. All was well.

By 5:38pm, there was no response from the current owners, probably due to a lack of checking their email. The van rental place is closed at 6pm. The mission has failed, for today.

However, at last check, no couches or loveseats had been sold from the Richmond location. We will get a "go/no go" for delivery by tonight. So, as long as there isn't a ridiculous run on Costco furniture in the next 24hrs, we'll be ok.

Check back tomorrow. And try not to worry too much, we'll make it through this.

My Valentine

Since the moment I met her, my life has been better, every day. She is intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful. Her smile lights me up inside and she takes my breath away, often.

I am truly blessed to have her. She will always be My Valentine.

I love you Vicki.

The Couch Mission

Today, it is my mission to get the couch and loveseat that we want from Costco.

That might not seem like a very exciting or difficult thing, but here is the catch. The couch/loveseat have just recently been reduced to clear and they are very popular. There are only a handful left in the lower mainland, so they need to be bought today. Also, Costco doesn't 'hold' items for you, you have to take it when you buy it. Still, it doesn't seem too tough, right?

Not only do I not have access to any sort of truck, but I also don't have a house to put the couch/loveseat in! I have a call in to the realtor for the house we bought to see if they'll let us put them in there early, and if that comes through I'll have to find a truck rental place and put this all together this afternoon. Of course, since I'm not exactly the Hulk, I will also have to find another human to get involved in this, possibly during work hours.

The outlook is not good. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. This was going to be a nice, mushy Valentine's Day post, but then I read what Vicki wrote for me, and there is no chance in H-E-double hockey sticks that I could compete with that, so that is the reason for the couch mission post.

Monday, February 13, 2006

New Rule

No more whining and complaining on my blog. What a waste of perfectly good bytes this has been lately. So, here is today's post...

This weekend was great. Vicki and I got a good amount of packing done, we got rid of a bunch of stuff we didn't need, and we got to have a bunch of fun. The bad thing was that I barely saw the kids, whoops. And of course Megan let me know that fact in no uncertain terms. She's good for that, keeps me in check.

The girls got to have a sleepover with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins and they had a blast! We dropped them off Saturday afternoon and we were supposed to pick them up Sunday morning. However, my parents decided to pick them up for us and we didn't get them back til 1:30pm on Sunday! Very cool. Then, we spent a couple hours at home and then went to the Buckinghams for dinner. Very cool.

So, it was a busy, fun, overall good weekend. The drive back this morning sucked pretty bad. The snow had just hit on the connector and there were no visible lines or lanes whatsoever. As well, the snow was falling heavily so the headlights were only good for giving the 'Star Wars - Warp Speed' effect. Fun but not so good for safety. Add in more than a dash of 'Oh God I'm tired' and you have a less than enjoyable trip.

However, I am about to leave work and when I get back to Jeremy's I will be firmly planting my derierre on the couch til tomorrow morning, so I don't have a darn thing to complain about, that is for sure!

I am planning on posting something EVERY day this week, without any complaining or whining. Good luck to me.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Having a Blog is Depressing

It really illustrates just how uninteresting my life is. I thought I'd have two or three great things to post every day, but all I can come up with is blogging about not blogging. I think I could make top 5 on the Lame List for sure.

We get our new place in 2 weeks and we move in 4 1/2 weeks, Wow. There is so much to do between now and then, it makes me want to take up drinking. But drinking isn't cheap, so then I'd have something new to worry about.

Ok, definitely top 3.