Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ok, I was wrong...

The Dr. didn't tell us to come back on Friday, he said to come back tomorrow.

So, we saw him this morning, he checked Vicki out, and said that she has progressed, if almost unmeasurably. I think he's just trying to throw us a bone here, but it's nice of him to do that.

Anyway, he wants it to come naturally and doesn't really care too much about our lives outside his office, so Vicki will go back in tomorrow morning and again Friday morning.

Whatever. I'm kind of over it all right now. The excitement and joy has been sucked right out of it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grumpy McAss

That would be the most appropriate name for me yesterday.

As I stated in an earlier post I have issues with patience, and this whole 'waiting for the baby' thing has really messed with me. We went in yesterday morning to see the Dr. and were expecting fully for Vicki to be induced since that was the word from the almighty Dr. at the previous appt. So, we had dropped off the kids and had Vicki's bag packed and in the van. Here's how the appt. went:

Dr.: Hi, how are you feeling?

Vicki: I feel like crap, I want this baby out, it's sucking my will to live.(ok, maybe that's not verbatim, but you get the idea)

Dr.: Well, let's check you out.

...uncomfortable pelvic exam...

Dr.: You're a little further ahead, 2cm dilated and very thinned out.

Us: Alright, so what's next for the induction process?

Dr.: Well, there are some other women who are also overdue so it might be a hard sell to the maternity nurses to get you in there. Come back on Wednesday morning and we'll see how you're doing.

Me(luckily, inside my head only): I don't really give two s**ts about any other women and how overdue they are, nor do I care about your difficulty 'selling' the idea to the nurses. Induce her and get this darn baby out.

Me(on the outside): Umm, you said last week that we should pick a day for induction that worked best for my work schedule, and frankly, today works best because I have deadlines coming up and I want to be around to help out when the baby comes. So.....

Vicki: Yes, and with Megan's school year starting next week, it would really be better sooner than later.

Dr.(not looking at me any longer since it's obvious I ain't happy): Well, it'd be nice to get you to go into labor naturally so do lots of walking and we'll see you on Wednesday.

I swear I nearly strangled him with his stethoscope. No, let's not put any worth into the fact that Vicki is miserable and the late arrival of our darling baby is screwing up all our schedules and possibly the amount of time I am able to spend away from work helping out. No, that would be stupid, let's worry about not trying the 'hard sell' to the maternity nurses. Yeah, that makes sense.

So, in my classic style, rather than get angry with the Dr. and cause an uncomfortable moment, I waited til we were back in the van on our way home and decided that, in fact, it was all Vicki's fault because she didn't tell him in the right way how much we needed this baby out.

Just to recap, my logic is that it is the pregnant lady's fault that the Dr. is not doing what I wanted, so of course she should be blamed and yelled at immediately. Yup, that makes sense, because obviously I am the one who is being made to suffer immensely through all this, I mean, c'mon, I have to keep going to work and that's just not fair.

So, that is how I earned the name Grumpy McAss, named after how I was feeling and how I acted. Yeah, yesterday was a great day. Loved.It.

Now, if she'll let me come along, we are going to see the lovely Dr. tomorrow morning at 9am so he can tell us again how Mother Nature knows best and there are so many other, more deserving women out there, and most importantly, to do lots of walking(wow, what a concept, no, we haven't tried that at all) and come back and see him on Friday probably.

That's my prediction, along with the return of Grumpy McAss following the appt. Like I said, I have issues with patience.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh Sweet Sweet Vindication

Today I got my test results back for my cholesterol and blood-glucose. I'm not sure if they make a font big enough for this next line, but to all the people in my life that have told me for years how I was eating my way into untolled health problems, I say...

BOO-YA!(I'm doing a little happy dance right now)

I believe the word my Dr. used (twice!) to describe my results was "unbelievable". Oh yes, unbelievable. Both my cholesterol and blood-glucose are well below normal levels for someone my age.

Oh yeah! Hello Krispy Kreme, and how are you today? Oh, why yes, I will be visiting you again real soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time For A Change

A change of attitude and a change of my blog template to go along with it.

And why the change? Who is to thank for it? As with all good things in my life, my wife is to blame, I mean, thank.

Preparing for the new baby and all the other life changes in the last year have gotten a little overwhelming in the past weeks/month and I have found myself not being all that much fun to be around. Generally, my attitude has been melancholy or 'detached' at best. (wow, i just used 'melancholy' in a sentence) It's all been about getting this done or getting that done and lately it's all been about, when's the baby coming, when's the baby coming, I want the baby to come, nothing else in my life can happen til the baby comes. Yes, I tend to get just a little obsessive sometimes, coupled with a complete lack of patience (see: January 1995).

So, the other day, and by that I mean yesterday but 'the other day' just sounds so much better, Vicki showed me another blog that she thought was funny so I took some time out and read it. It's nothing out the ordinary really, just a woman in California blogging her life with the rest of us, but it clicked something in me. I think it was because it reminded me of Vicki and me and it was a chance to look at something familiar from an outside perspective. Anyway, the why doesn't really matter, the what does.

It is a complete waste of time and all the glorious gifts that God has given us to be obsessive about all these things. All you end up doing is missing out on the really fun, truly important stuff so that you can feel like 'you got all your stuff done' and you're 'ready'. Who cares about that? Life really IS too short for that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go out and buy a motorcycle and go skydiving now. But what I am going to do is try my best to appreciate what I have, right now, not what's coming down the pipe.

In case anyone out there is not aware, I have the most beautiful, caring, and overall wonderful wife on the planet. End.Of.Story.(currently, I am in love with that whole period after each word for dramatic effect thing) Vicki lights my world. And she's pregnant right now! Pregnant! There is almost nothing I love more in this world than my wife when she is pregnant, and I have NOT been appreciating that. I haven't taken a picture of my wife in days. Days, people. As if this is not a rare occurence or something. WTF is with me. Also, I have amazing daughters. I don't remember a single day that I have not been made to smile by them the moment I walk in the door from work.

So, there it is, changes are in the works. I am going to appreciate how awesome my life is, and I'm going to take lots of pictures of it too.

Oh, and I tend to ramble on WAAAAYYYYYY too long, but since you're reading this you already know that.

Peace Out.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still coming to work...

Much like a watched pot never boils, it seems that a watched pregnant wife never pops out the darn kid.

So, last week at her appt, the doctor that was filling in for Dr. Hansen measured Vick and said that she measured 40cm. Now, 40cm is what one would usually measure when they are DONE and the baby's arrival is imminent, not to mention the fact that the week before, Dr. Hansen had measured her at 36cm. Hello!? 4cm in one week?

So, all week Vicki is drinking gallons of Raspberry Leaf tea, going for countless walks and trying every other natural induction technique she can get her hands on, because if this baby gets any bigger it's going to be a C-section, and she does not want to give that a try.

By the time her appt came today, her spirits had dropped substantially and she had actually become convinced that the baby was never actually going to come out and she would spend the rest of her life as some medical miracle for the world to be in awe of. (i'm thinking there could be good money in that) However, some good news arrived today at her appt with Dr. Hansen. Not only did the measurement from last weeks fill-in Dr. differ hugely from Dr. Hansen's measurement today, but he also "examined" Vicki to check how things were progressing in there and streched her cervix to try to help give things a boost.

So, she is actually measuring around 35-36cm today and it looks like things will progress nicely, shortly. And if nothing much has occured by next Thursday's appt, Dr. Hansen will put even more effort into getting this show on the road.

And yes, we all know that having the baby and Vicki be healthy is the most important thing and we should be glad for the lack of complications and not complain about .......blah blah blah. I want my new baby, and I want my old wife back.

So, put Vicki and the baby in your prayers please and we'll let you know as soon as something happens.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Up til now time has been flying by, trying to get everything done in prep for the new baby. Now, it's all done and we are ready, and time has slowed to a crawl. All weekend I was hoping something would happen. Vicki got some contractions here and there starting Saturday night and I know it's still 2 1/2 weeks early, but I am impatient and I can't wait to meet our baby.

Plus, I really didn't want to have to come to work today.