Friday, September 29, 2006

Blessed, but tired

I have been trying to get around to posting something for weeks now. I always seem to have time to post while I'm at work, but I don't have any pictures at work so it seems pointless. I know, I know, all my fans out there only come here for my witty banter, but I thought I'd like to throw some pictures in there too.
(Yawn) Sorry, had to take a quick break to yawn and feel sorry for myself. Ahh, much better.
The last weeks have been crazy, almost cruise-azy even. Lots of working, driving the kids here and there, feeding Lauren, trying to come up with something that resembles meals, and attempting to still have energy to interact with the older kids(what were there names again?). Ok, so maybe that's actually the list of things that Vicki has been busy with, but I couldn't really complain about having 9 or 10 hours of alone time every day with which to sit and drink coffee, now could I? Let's keep things real people, I'm the one with the 'real job'.
(Yawn) Ah man, I wish one of my kids had ADD so I could pop some Ritalin for energy.
Anyway, life is good, life is busy. I am blessed, but tired. Now, here's a bunch of pictures for you.

I love that picture of Kayla, she makes me laugh.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to Work Tomorrow

Reality bites. After 11 days of blissful hecticness(is that a word?) enjoying my new little girl and my time with my family, I got the call. My boss has a new deadline and needs me to come in to help get it done. So, tomorrow I will be back to work. Ugh.

Why would I want leave this?

Monday, September 11, 2006

11 days, is that all?

It feels like it's been forever, but in a really good way. So, here's a super-quick recap of Lauren's first 11 days.

Thursday, August 31st
10am: Vicki calls me at work, it's time to go to the hospital
11:10am: We drop off the kids with Liz and head to the hospital
12:30pm: Dr. Hansen breaks Vicki's water
1:30pm: Contractions have arrived
2:30pm: Contractions have decided against taking a break in-between, not nice
4:30pm: Nurses realize most of the pain is because the baby is facing the wrong way, causing 'back labor'. Back labor sucks ass.
6:10pm: Time to push
6:28pm: Lauren Emily arrives 7 - 10pm: Phone calls are made and we snuggle our baby
10pm: Megan and Kayla meet their new baby sister

Friday, September 1

I picked up the kids from Liz late in the morning and we went to hang out with Mommy and Lauren. Then we went to Abbotsford to pick up Grandma and Grandpa Rempel so they could meet their newest great-granddaughter. After lots of good visiting and some frustrating waiting for the hospital lab, we went home at 8:30pm and started our new life.

Saturday, September 2

Spent the morning hanging out at home and trying to get settled. The health nurse came by in the afternoon to check out Lauren and everything went well. Then we decided to go on a bit of an adventure to find some cute new clothes for Lauren, in Metrotown. Tiring, but fun.

Sunday, September 3

Relaxed at home, ran some errands, and I took my 3 girls to Superstore for some groceries in the afternoon so Vicki could get some well deserved rest.

Monday, September 4

Health nurse came again, everything's good. Tried to have a special family dinner out to celebrate the last night before Megan's first day of Grade 1. Failed miserably and ended up eating at McDonalds. Of course, the kids thought it was the greatest meal on the planet.

Tuesday, September 5

Megan's first day of Grade 1! Busy morning, busy day. Yay Megan! Had an info meeting for Kayla's preschool in the evening. Watched Will get evicted from Big Brother. Almost cried.

Wednesday, September 6

Kayla's first day of preschool! Busy morning, busy day. Yay Kayla!

Thursday, September 7

Lauren's 1st appt. with Dr. Hansen! Yay Lauren! Everything is great with Lauren, but Vicki is on her way to a date with mastitis. (Don't worry though, she did everything she could and she fought it off. Yay Vicki!) Not.Good.At.All. Try to run way too many errands before Meg is done school in preparation for a trip back to the Okanagan. Horrible afternoon filled with stress and fighting, but we do get packed and on road by 5:50pm. Arrive in Summerland at 10:30pm. Ugh.

Friday, September 8

What a great day! Vicki and the girls got to spend time with a bunch of their friends all morning and I got to spend time with one of my best friends, the 50" Plasma HDTV. So nice. Then we had an amazing joint birthday party for Madison and Megan in the afternoon. Wow, Lisa Hilgersom is amazing.

Saturday, September 9

Another great morning with friends, followed by a suprise baby shower for Vicki at 1:30pm. Like I said, Lisa Hilgersom is amazing. More people at the shower than I could imagine and it goes off without a hitch. Wow. Some great time in the evening with Aunt Carol and Uncle Dennis and Grandma Jess and Grandpa Pete.

Sunday, September 10

Last bit of fun with friends in the morning and a nice long visit with Uncle Jason, Auntie Lise, Alyssa and Kaden in the afternoon. On the road back to Langley at 2:30pm and back home by 7:30pm. Frantic search for lost keys and utter meltdown by Kayla. Not a good way to end the weekend.

Monday, September 11

School again for Megan and Kayla. Unpacking for Vicki and Dono. Took Lauren to the Health unit to get her weighed and make sure she's growing well. Hoping for 2-4 ounces gained since Thursday. She gained 7 ounces, what a champ. Nice time around the house playing, organizing and doing laundry. By 8:30pm, everyone is asleep except me and after an hour of cuddle time with Lauren, I wrote this boring post.

So, that's the synopsis. It has been busy, but amazing. I love being a father and a husband and I can't imagine not having Lauren in our life. I can't even remember what it was like without her. She has been such a good baby and she is just plain perfect. Here are some more pictures of our little girl to finish this off. More to come!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lauren Emily

Alright, so I accidentally posted this yesterday on Vicki's blog, I had a lot on my mind.

Lauren Emily Rogall, born at 6:28pm on Aug.31, 7lbs 2oz.

Check her out on Vicki's blog.