Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mmm, Sweet Sweet Deadlines

Nothing can take the fun and creative enjoyment out of my job quicker than a frickin looming deadline.

I've quickly gone from enjoying the challenge of creating something that will do what it is supposed to in the most intelligent, eloquent way possible, to my current state; make it work and make it work fast, because you have half the time you need and a deadline extension is easily attainable right after hell freezes over.

I just checked the Weather Network, and no such luck.

So, for the next few weeks I may get to see my family from time to time and all my enjoyment of my job will be sucked right of me.

Isn't being an adult great.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Bachelor Week

Oh yeah! It's one of the best things a married man with kids can look forward to, the wife goes away with the kids! Nothing but kicking back, relaxing, no rules, and no one to answer to. It's like when you were in high school and your parents went away for the weekend!

But wait, I don't remember missing my parents when they were gone. And I certainly don't remember this feeling of loneliness and emptiness in my heart. So, no, the wife goes away with the kids is not like when you were in high school and your parents went away. It's more like a 20-pack of Timbits. Let me explain.

Y'know when you're feeling a little hungry in the afternoon and you're craving something sweet and then it dawns on you, "Timbits would be great right now". It seems like the greatest idea in the world and you know it will just rock! So, you get yourself in the car and you make your way to Timmy's, and every moment you get closer to those bits the idea seems better and better. Finally you're back at home and you sit down, ready to enjoy the splendor that is, your own box of Timbits. At first, the reality seems just as good as the fantasy, but slowly, Timbit after Timbit you start to enjoy them less and less. You keep going and try to convince yourself that it really does rock just like you thought it would. But eventually you have to admit that it doesn't rock, and it was actually not a good idea. Sure, a Timbit here and there is good, but a whole box to yourself just leaves you feeling brutal and hurting a little.

That's what this week is for me. Vicki went with the kids back to Summerland to visit til Friday. I had a whole week of sweet bachelorhood in front of me and I thought it would rock. It's only Wednesday, and it hasn't rocked, at all.

The fact is, I love my wife and kids, and I don't like being without them. As soon as I knew that they were on the road on Monday I started to miss them. I don't even like going home at night, the house feels absolutely empty. I know most people will laugh at this and think I am totally crazy not to enjoy a little time alone, but I don't really care. I like spending time with my family, LOTS of time.

So it's Wednesday night of my bachelor week, and I can't wait for my family to come home.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get It While You Can

I finally got Vicki in the right mood and got the green light for posting some pictures of her belly. She's always so camera shy so I'm going to post them while I can.

This is from our trip to Vegas - March 21/06

And this is now - May 01/06

I know it's hard to see the belly in that second one, but it's what I've got so don't complain. I'll try to get more soon. I'm like the 'Baby Belly Paparazzi' now.

Peace out