Monday, March 27, 2006

Snap Back to Reality

It's Monday, we're back from Vegas, the weekend is over, the house is almost unpacked, and it's Megan's first day at her new school. We are officially back into the real world.
But it's kind of a good feeling too, getting into a routine and getting settled into our new life here. We had a great weekend of shopping and spending time with the kids and we got to visit with Jason and Lise and Alyssa and Kaden yesterday, that was great.
So, I'm a little nervous for Megan today, new school and all. I really hope things go well and she doesn't feel too uncomfortable or sad. Having kids is hard sometimes.

Anyway, we're back into real life and looking forward to Spring. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Crisis is Over, Everyone Can Relax

We have TV again. After weeks, maybe months, of uncertainty and countless sleepless nights, the satellite TV was installed last night and everything is up and running smoothly.

Thank you for all you calls, emails, and words of support, it really helped us get through this tough time. I know there will be times like this throughout our lives where we are pushed to the edge and put to the test, but we'll stick together through it and be stronger for it in the end.

Thank you.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Final Countdown

(insert Europe song here) So, it's here. Moving weekend has arrived. I have been looking forward to this for months, and now that it is here I only have 1 overwhelming feeling...fear.

The amount of work that will HAVE to be done between now and Sunday afternoon is daunting and somewhat depressing. And now that moving day is so close, the reality of us leaving Summerland and living down here is really hitting, and I'm feeling a little apprehensive and sad.

But, looking at the next few days and everything that will be involved in them, there is only one thing to do, suck it up.

I can sleep again next month, I'm sure of it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It was all going so well...

Sunday night and last night were both so successful at the new house. I finished the drywall work and got the new room painted and cleaned out. I finished painting the living room and I'm ready to paint the girls' room. Today was supposed to be a great day, the satellite was getting installed and the carpet in the new room was getting installed.

It wasn't meant to be.

The satellite installer was even nice enough to show up extra early to accomodate my schedule, he was there by 6:35am, ouch! We figured everything out in terms of where the dish would go and how the wires would be run, but then he couldn't get into the cable box in the garage to hook up the wires. Apparently only Shaw Cable has access to that box and the satellite guy wasn't allowed to break into it. So, the satellite did not get installed. We will try again tomorrow morning.

Even after stopping at the carpet place to double check the install, when I phoned to find out how it went, I found that the installer was not given or able to find the garage door opener that I had left with the sales guy. So, the carpet did not get installed. He will try again tomorrow.

So, tonight I will paint the girls' room, assemble the bunk beds, and cut the baseboards/door trim to size. That way, tomorrow night will only be installing the baseboards/door trim, cleaning up all the garbage, cleaning the house, doing some laundry, and getting prepared to fly back on Thursday for the big move.

Piece of cake. (sleep is over-rated anyway)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Never again...

I can't remember if I ever said to anyone that doing the drywall myself shouldn't be too tough or too much trouble. I sure hope I didn't say that. But in case I did I will say right now publicly, I was wrong and I shouldn't have said that.

I will never work with drywall again.

This tiny little project has sucked the life right out of me. Just thinking about that room puts me in foul mood.But don't worry Vicki, I will make sure that the end product is a good looking playroom, ripe for resale.

Maybe I'll post again later when I'm not so tired and bitter.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who's the Idiot...

...that invented mudding and taping? I swear, there is a good chance our kids will be playing in a playroom with an upainted, half-finished wall. At best, the wall is going to have a lot of "imperfections" that will most likely show through the paint. Ah, it's a playroom anyway, right? I just hope Vicki shares my sentiment.

So, tonight's agenda: Pickup a bunch of stuff at Rona, 2nd coat of mud on wall, install microwave over the range, 1st coat of paint on living room, and maybe the bunk beds. Fun, fun, fun.

Then, tomorrow it's back to Summerland for two birthday parties, a bunch of packing, and maybe even some family time. Man, when this is done, Vicki and I are seriously going to need a vacation.

Which brings to mind, my birthday gift for Vicki that I gave her last weekend. Two words:

Vegas Baby!

Vicki has the details.

Peace out homies!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hey, Look What I Made!

It's a wall. Yup, there is now offically a wall in our garage. We got all the drywall up and the insulation in, AND we even got the door moved over and installed.

Go Dono, It's Your Birthday, Go Dono, It's Your Birthday

Everything went very well, with only one mistake that cost some time. And at the heart of that mistake was...Me. You've heard "Measure twice, cut once" but with me involved it's a little different, more like "Don't let Donovan do the measuring.". No big deal, Jer was there to help save the day and in the end the night was a complete success.

So, I'm a little tired and my hands are sore and bothering me (don't touch fibreglass insulation without gloves) but I am looking forward to banging out some good coding here at work and heading back home to start the mudding and taping. It will be interesting.

I'm looking at my list of things to do at the new house before moving day and comparing it to the available time left and I'm thinking maybe some of the painting will have to be put off til later.

Or I could just not sleep because I mean that's a good 6 hours per night that I am simply just wasting being lazy.