Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Here's my stance.  Emotions are a double-edged sword.  On one hand, life would be nothing without them.  If there is no happiness there is no enjoyment and if there is no enjoyment of anything then what is the point, we're all just robots.  So that sucks.

On the other hand, emotions cause problems.  Now at this point I could go on and on about the wars around the world and the endless negative effects emotions have on our world, but I'm really only concerned with myself.  World, you're on your own right now.

Currently, I am facing unemployment with no solid solution for that upcoming problem.  Most of the time I feel alright with it because I know that I am skilled, I am a genuinely good person, and one way or another everything will work out.  On top of that I am keenly aware that all this stuff we worry so much about and work so hard to keep (house, car, phones, TVs etc.) is just that, stuff.  In the end I truly don't care about the stuff.  The problem comes with the instability of emotions.

I'm floating through my day doing what I can to find new leads and keep my head clear so that I don't drop any of the many balls in the air when suddenly, boom, I'm feeling depressed.  Depressed and hopeless and hollow and sick to my stomach.  I try reminding myself how I was feeling a few minutes ago and why I should be feeling good.  I try going outside to get fresh air and see the world.  I even try watching online comedy.  No luck, still stuck.(awesome reference that my 5 year old would totally get)

So, as much as I know that without emotions there is no humanity and no real life, sometimes I wish emotions would just piss off for awhile so I could figure some shit out.

So, yeah, you might want to be careful when reading my posts for the next little while, they may very well be boring, depressing and downright annoying.

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